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the real reason for camera phones..

Normally, I wouldn’t bother posting a damn word about Solange “Somebody Puh-lease Notice Me” Knowles. How-some-ever this here photo of her face down, passed the hell out in the LAX baggage claim area from last week’s airline ‘Nyquil’ incident is freaking priceless.

And err-um, for someone who supposedly, “passed out” it sure looks like she made a very conscious decision to lay her lil ass on the dirty floor homeless lady style. You know with the comfy blanket that she clearly stole off the flight. Mmm-hmm. 2 cents says there were a whole lot of sleeping pills mixed in with that alledged innocent dose of Nyquil…

If you ask me, somebody needs go get the leather belt- this child clearly wants a good beating.

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