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Last week Wednesday, THIRTEEN University of Iowa football players were hospitalized after a saturation workout that included doing a 100 squats and pulling one of those weighted sleds a 100 yards. All 13 kids (cause that’s what you are in college) were diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, “a stress-induced syndrome that can damage cells and cause kidney damage and even failure in severe cases.” Which probably means that even with severe muscle soreness and discolored urine the boys did more workouts until they straight fell out.


Kidney damage and failure??? Uh, uh. This foolishness is not okay. Not for nothing, every year about 10 football players die during workouts. Can you imagine if that was your child, relative or friend?

Ironically, at this very moment my girl Tomia is organizing a 5 K Run/ Walk on behalf of Devard Darling’s As One Foundation to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the death of his twin Devaughn. Dude was a FSU football player that died during a workout from the same exact ‘ish. Crazy.

You can check that out HERE.

But even more importantly, tell somebody.

Let me get this straight. A 13-month old baby drowns in the bathtub while his mother is checking her friends’ status updates and playing CafeWorld on Facebook? Forreal?

When I initially saw this story, I almost refused to click link. And quite honestly, I’m sorry that I went against my gut. Cause now I’m physically ill.

Not only did this little boy drown because of his mother’s irresponsibility and lack of good judgement but wait on it… This ignorant hooker has the nerve to try and justify her actions??

Talking about, “he wanted to be left alone.”

HUH? He, who? Since when can a one year old tell an adult ANYTHING??? Let alone, give me privacy while I bathe.


This tragedy was so senseless and preventable it’s just… BEYOND.

Dammit to all hell, is no junk food sacred anymore?

Turns out the mystery “ground meat” that Taco Bell hustles by the burrito boat load doesn’t even have enough actual beef to qualify as taco meat filling (which only requires 40% fresh beef) let alone call itself real “beef.” Oh and wait on it… apparently the rest of said “meat” is a combination of chemicals and random ingredients like cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch.

*gags and looks directly at Latoya Scott- Brown*

We’ve got to do better people.

So Oprah’s got a half-sister, huh?

Lucky chick.

Cause I surely was sitting here hoping that the big announcement was that she discovered that she actually had a secret love child out and that it turned out to be ME. No offense mom.

Oh wells, so much for that crack pipe dream.

On another note, prayers up for all the victims of the terrorist attack at the Moscow airport and Holly Lahti, the 29 year-old single mom that won $190 million dollars in the Mega Millions jackpot about three weeks ago. Turns out homegirl had serious domestic violence issues with her sleazy, estranged husband (who put that nasty shiner on her left eye back in 2003 & also happens to be suing for a chunk of her winnings) and is now missing.


*makes the sign of the cross and starts tossing holy water every which way*

For the record, I am adamantly pro-choice.

I have no interest or desire to regulate another woman’s reproductive decisions nor do I believe that it is anyone else’s right to do so.

Because at the end of the day, there’s only one person that will have to live with the mental and physical consequences of giving birth to an unwanted child. And it sure as hell ain’t nam one of the folks holding up graphic protest signs and blockading the entrance to abortion clinics.

With that said, I am absolutely horrified by the accusations against this doctor in Philadelphia. H-O-R-R-I-F-I-E-D.

Performing medical services in a filthy clinic that reeked of cat urine?
Abortions given during the 6th & 7th month of pregnancy?
Severing living babies’ spinal cords with scissors?
Hoarding bags of fetuses in a refrigerator?
Transferring venereal disease from patient to patient b/c the instruments weren’t sterilized?
Saving baby feet in jars for no known medical reason?

*gags violently*

This man wasn’t a medical practitioner, he was a freaking MONSTER.

And what makes is so devastating is that he clearly preyed on the weakest members of his very own community. Cause ain’t no way in the world, any woman with means and options would elect to have such a sensitive surgery in such a disgusting, demoralizing and offensive environment.

There’s a special place in hell for people who are part of ish like this. And certainly I hope that man, his wife (who was his partner in crime) and all the rest of the so called professionals in the office -receptionist, nurse, anesthetist, whoever was there- see fit to make their way there ASAP.

Gentle reminder, please say and prayer and if you can, drop a dollar (or more) on Haiti today.

Today officially marks a year since the earthquake literally tore the country apart. And it’s safe to assume, that even the dimmest bulbs amongst us should be able to understand that between the massive death toll, child abductions, delayed reconstruction, non-stop stream of gang rapes of women &children in the make-shift tent cities, and current cholera epidemic the small Caribbean country is still very much in need.

Do not behave like our former President and assume that because Bono has stopped organizing celeb charity concerts, it’s “mission accomplished.”


Wow, what a crazy three days!

On Friday, the Obama administration deleted the words ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ from all official forms for the more politically correct titles, ‘Parent 1’ and ‘Parent 2,’ then the senseless massacre in Tucson, Arizona popped off and as of this morning it appears that after years of civil war the Sudanese are about to officially vote their country into two parts. CA-razy!

Oh but wait, wait, how could I forget? Foxy Brown released a snippet from what is supposed to be a diss-track against Lil’Kim, entitled, Christmas Massacre.


You know how grown-ups are constantly explaining to children that timing is everything? Well Fox, or may I call you Inga? Timing is EVERYTHING. And the level of ridiculousness that this lame, nonsensical, two-week late, uncalled for, attempt at a diss track has reached is simply BEYOND.

We are in the midst of national and international calamity and this is when you think it’s a good time to publicize the implied death threats and raggedy shots you attempted to take at another female rapper? Which for the record, is already two weeks late????


I’mma need you, that filthy looking lace front, and the Ampro gel shellacked baby hair to go pick up a newspaper, find a friend that can read it to you and quiet ya self.

Right… So about Elizabeth Johnson, the chick in Arizona that basically admitted killing her 8-month year old baby, stuffing his lifeless body in a diaper bag & tossing it into a dumpster after she found out on Facebook that her baby daddy was kicking it to another girl???


I’m really starting to think that folks should be required to pass some sort of mental stability exam before having access to social networking sites. ‘Cause this is officially doing the most right now. Killing your own flesh and blood because you snooped around and found exactly what you were looking for? Lord have mercy, this is some real life, white trash version of that scene from For Colored Girls… SMDH.

Epic. Parental. FAIL.

And not for nothing, I equally fault the child’s father for this senseless tragedy. Mmm-hmm… sure do. Because if you know that you’re dealing with a psycho chick- why would you put your personal business on freaking Facebook??

And DO NOT even try to tell us that you didn’t think she was capable of the crazy. Not for nothing, I took one look at that ‘extra calm, eyes-wide-open but nobody’s home’ mugshot and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt… this bish is a killer. Just. Like That.

Meanwhile, he done dates, procreated and been in a protracted custody battle with her looneytunes ass? nope. He should’ve known better.

As far as I’m concerned, he was practically begging for her to snap off and act up.

*makes a sign of the cross*

You know, instead of spending all that time and energy trying to run out the Mexicans, Governor Jan Brewer should focus on keeping the babies safe unstable moms.

There seems to be a lot going on this morning. From what looks to be another serial killer in Long Island to the shoot out in a Florida school board meeting to Juarez, Mexico reporting it’s 3,000th homicide of the year, its a busy news.

Ironically, one story that does not seem to be getting any air time, except from a few conscious bloggers and on my not-so secret political correspondent crush, Marc Lamont Hill’s Twitter feed is the non-violent protest (they’re refusing to leave their cells to work or eat) Georgia State Prisoners have been staging for the past six days.

Apparently the inmates are refusing to work and eat until they are granted:

– Fair wages for their labor

– Educational Opportunities including vocational and self-improvement opportunities

– Basic Healthcare

-An end to cruel and unusual punishments

-Decent Living Conditions

-Nutritional meals

-Access to families

-Just parole decisions

Um, not ONE of these requests seem unreasonable to me.

Yet, they’re being dragged from their cells, beaten, denied hot water or heat and alternatively thrown in solitary confinement to force them to go back to work. Guess they don’t give a damn if they don’t wanna eat, huh?

Regardless of the crime- who’s mad at a con for wanting to pick up a book or a trade? Uh, not me. Lord only knows what kind of sickness and contagious diseases are running rampant inside them dirty ass prisons… If we’re not using cruel and unusual punishment on terrorists, why would we utilize it against our own citizens? I mean, just because you’re in jail, doesn’t mean you have to live like an animal. Why shouldn’t they have a decent cell? Or get to see their families. Maybe those visits will be motivation to act right. As for pay, the average prisoner only makes 5o cents an hour. these guys are making NOTHING. Come on, that’s ridiculous. Oh and you know what, since all the right-wing parents of little fatass kids are beefing about our First Lady wanting to ‘dictate “what’s on their school menus- just go on and give the damn apples and bananas to the prisoners.


So even if there are no breaking news headlines every hour on CNN, by all means, get to praying.

All those men are asking for is a little bit of decency and to be treated like human beings. And if it is not given now, please believe when they are all finally released, most will probably return the favor to their respective communities.


** Snatched this from The Crunk Feminist Collective’s post on the matter:
Below is a list of prisons where prisoners are still on lockdown & where you can call to express concern.

Hays State Prison—706-857-0400

Macon State Prison—978-472-3900

Telfair State Prison—229-868-7721

Smith State Prison – 912-654-5000

The Georgia Department of Corrections is at and their phone number is 478-992-5246

The first time I watched this video of Puff running through the freezing cold streets of New York City promoting his new album like a bootlegger in the barbershop, I didn’t understand why he was putting himself through it. The man is like a thousand years old, wearing an old school varsity jacket, talking “take back the streets.” From who? How? Man listen. Sean, go sit your behind down somewhere and manage Nikki Minaj. We all know, Last Train to Paris is never going to be chart topper. Might as well, let go, let God and start working on the next season of Making The Band.

BUT THEN, I heard about SouljaBoy’s album only selling 13,000 copies TOTAL in the first week out. Woah.

There’s an average selling album and then here’s a TOTAL BELLY FLOP. SouljaBoy selling less copies than the number of people that live within the 5-block radius my neighborhood is a TOTAL. BELLY. FLOP.


13,000 copies?? A number like that makes you question whether his own family bothered to buy the album. I’m just saying.

*kanye shrug*

And you know what, Diddy I get it. You better be on the sidewalk running down white folks and making them promise to pre-order copies of your album. Matter of fact, if I was you, I go find those shiny suits you and Mase used to rock and get to dancing.

And the magic number is: 13,001.

Let’s Go!!!



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